We handle all types of damage; water damage, fissures, cracks, settlement, soil subsidence, collapse, fractures, fire, smoke, explosions, etc. and specialise in stability and fire investigations.

Caused to:

  • New buildings/construction works in progress, for industrial buildings, private residential buildings, residences, public buildings as well as utilities
  • Buildings adjacent to the construction site
  • Earth, road and water works
  • Infrastructure works
  • Underground and aboveground utility lines
  • Tunnelling, thrust boring and other underground works (such as sewer systems)


  • Demolition, piling, foundation and revetment works, shoring and propping works, lowering of groundwater level, impacts/collisions/accidents, renovation works, etc.
  • Waterproofing issues: leaks, leaking pipes, etc.
  • Design, calculation and drawing errors, errors in the follow-up, control and coordination by architects, engineers, surveyors and design firms
  • Defective building materials and structural materials

Our strengths

Team of specialists

XPERTA consists of a team of specialists with various expertise, including experts from the courts.

+20 years of experience

We have over 20 years of professional experience in local and international damage treatment.

Efficient approach

By doing a goal-oriented approach, we work with our clients to achieve a high level of return.