Fields such as energy engineering, mechanical engineering, materials engineering, electricity & electronics, engineering, chemistry and biotechnology applied in;
  • Machines and machinery breakdown
  • Building technology ( HVAC technology, burglary protection, access control, fire safety, domotics and other forms of building management and safety systems, solar panels as well as other forms of alternative energy)
  • Low-, medium- and high-voltage installations (private and public installations)
  • Electronics, process control (e.g. PLCs)
  • CNC and classic metal- and wood-working machines
  • Various forms of automation
  • All types of extrusion and packaging machines, robotisation
  • All types of fixed and rolling stock
  • Shore tanks and mobile tanks (liquid storage risks)
  • Steam technology
  • Biogas plants and CHP (combined head and power)
  • Solar, wind, water and other forms of alternative energy (also CHP)
  • Medical and graphical applications
  • Turbines and generators
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmacy
  • Nuclear installations

Our strengths

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XPERTA consists of a team of specialists with various expertise, including experts from the courts.

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We have over 20 years of professional experience in local and international damage treatment.

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By doing a goal-oriented approach, we work with our clients to achieve a high level of return.